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My sincere gratitude to all those front line healthcare workers, and all others deemed an essential service, putting themselves and their families at great personal risk here in BC, to keep the rest of us safe and sound. To all such workers without the benefit of a healthcare directive, which provides legal authority to someone to make critical health care decisions in the event of incapacity Taylor Law Group will provide a no charge consultation, and Representation Agreement. All you need to do is call my office and schedule a consult. 604-534-6361

This is a challenge to everybody else to provide to our front line health care and essential service workers, a product or service, at no cost, in thanks for all they do to keep us safe at personal risk to themselves.

In 1990 I entered private practice, as a sole practitioner. Realizing the need to market and promote my legal services I authored various newspaper columns in several publications throughout the Fraser Valley, under the name “Under Appeal”. 

These columns ran consistently for over ten (10) years with my picture appearing next to the column wearing my trademark fedora. As a result, I became known throughout the lower mainland of B.C. as the, “lawyer with the hat”.

* Personal Law Corporation. 


Are you in need of someone to listen to your issues and piece together solutions for you?
My believe is that effective listening is the first step to providing clients with the end result they want to achieve. 

Andrew was called to the British Columbia bar in 2019. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Psychology from UBC, and his Juris Doctor from the Allard School of Law at UBC.