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You have a problem – I can fix it.

I run a broad practice and am interested in providing my clients

outside-the-box, but practical, solutions. My clients range from

everyday individuals to large corporations. I put 50,000 km on my

car yearly, and don’t shy away from client meetings in other cities.


It’s safe to say I run the litigation arm of the firm. I have presented

cases at all levels of court in British Columbia, and several

administrative tribunals. 

Sometimes honey catches all the bees. Sometimes it doesn’t. I

assess each case individually, to determine the best course of



I’m not afraid to duke it out in court. I’m also not afraid to tell my

clients when they have a weak case, or when it is advisable to

settle. You pay hard earned money to get good, solid, advice. I

strive to achieve that.


Thanks for visiting our site. Give anyone at our team a call if you

have any questions.