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Taylor Law Group Last Will and Testament

Estate Litigation and Disputes

Taylor Law Group assists Executors/Executrix or Administrator with complex legal issues and litigation concerning the Estate. Some estate solicitors or notaries require litigation assistance for the Estate matters. Our lawyers provide comprehensive estate litigation services for you or your estate solicitor/notary. 


  • Proving a Will in Solemn Form, Testamentary Capacity 

  • Appointment or Passing Over Executor, Probate Litigation

  • Will Interpretation or Revocation

  • Bring or Defend Constructive Trust or Resulting Trust Claim

  • Pursuing or Defending Estate Assets 

  • Loan or Gift Disputes

  • Court Applications for Estates, Litigation Support for Estate Solicitors/Notaries

  • Passing Accounts, Executor Release

Taylor Law Group assists Beneficiaries including Spouses or Children of the Deceased pursue the Estate for proper administration or distribution, and to assert their legal or moral rights in respect of the Estate.


  • Wills Variation Claim

  • Trust Action, Pursuing Real Property

  • Undue Influence or Testamentary Capacity

  • Proving a Will or Intestacy

  • Competing Spouses, Common Law Spouse Claims

  • Gifts for Adult Children, Dependent Claims

  • Breach of Trust, Fraud

  • Left out of a Will, Moral Rights

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