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Parental Alienation - Snake in the grass

Alienation occurs when one parent manipulates a child to reject the other parent, whether out of hatred, fear, or disrespect. Unfortunately, parental alienation is a phenomenon that can arise in decision-making responsibility and parenting disputes.

Court Ruling against Grandparents

Respect for Grand Parents as they normally step up to help to raise the Children

Lawyer Scott Taylor & Client Riley on Trans Co-Parenting B.C. Court Case.

November 20 is Trans Remembrance Day. Langley B.C. lawyer Scott Taylor represented a trans client in family court seeking co-custody of her two children. The court supported the shared parenting. Scott Taylor assessment of the court decision "demonstrates that children deserve the love and attention of both parents, regardless of gender."

Family Court is Expensive and Scott Taylor Has a way to make it less expensive and use unbundled services

Family Court is expensive and Scott Taylor has ways to make it less expensive- hire the right lawyer for what it is you are doing

January is the month of divorce. How is COVID affecting this? Scott Taylor, family lawyer.

Vaccination status and parenting, Bringing FIFA to Vancouver & Opening up of the job market

A B.C. dad is speaking out about how he says his COVID-19 vaccination status has reduced his parenting time with his two children.

Allegations against Vance very familiar to Cdn women says Scott Taylor, Taylor law group.

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