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For Kid’s Sake – Stay Active!

Study confirms positive role of active dad!

Since time immemorial, or the length of time I’ve been practising family law, I’ve espoused a simple principle. Namely, that the children of separation or divorce, need, and deserve, the care and attention of two loving parents, actively involved in their lives.

Now, it appears a recent study from Concordia University published in the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science confirms just that, or rather those actively involved dads can have a positive impact on their children’s intelligence and behaviour.

While the study did not specifically address the active involvement of separated or divorced dads, I don’t believe it’s an unreasonable stretch in logic to assume the same benefits would apply to an actively involved dad who just happens to be separated or divorced.

And, while “actively involved” may not necessarily require a true 50/50 parenting arrangement, I can’t help but think that such a shared parenting arrangement would maximize the opportunities, and benefits, of having an actively involved mom and dad.

I strongly doubt that the same benefits would accrue from a dad whose only chance to be actively involved arrives every other weekend.

Sadly, there still remain some judges (and moms) who refuse to acknowledge the role of dads.

Just as sadly there are also dads, unable, or unwilling, to commit the time and effort to be actively involved in the lives of their children.

That’s why I believe that federal divorce law must change to recognize the positive role that two committed parents can play in the lives of their children, and mandate a shared parenting arrangement upon separation or divorce.

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