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Kitchen Table Divorce - Chapter 7 - Be Honest

Today’s blog is simple advice.

Directed at anyone experiencing on-going family law disputes involving children.

But if you take it, and follow it, I believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Before I give it let’s take a step back. If you’re a parent having serious disagreements with your ex, you know the routine by now. Whether giving testimony in court or describing your relationship, or your ex’s relationship with the children, the theme pretty much remains the same.

I call it the “blame game”.

Both parents describing in unflattering detail, each end every fault of their ex, which has inevitably caused the family law crisis at hand.

It is absolutely true, especially in situations involving domestic, or other forms of abuse, that such behavior be thoroughly disclosed, and denounced.

But in my very lengthy careers as a family lawyer, it’s much more likely that each parent has both their good and bad qualities.

Now think for a moment you’re the judge trying to assess the credibility of each parent, to help make their decision about what parenting arrangements are in the children’s best interests.

With each parent blaming, and criticizing the other parent, good luck.

So here’s my simple advice.

Be honest about your ex, and their relationship with the children.

After all, with rare exceptions, no parent is 100% to blame.

Maybe they are a loving mother or father to their children. Maybe the children love them very much. Maybe you have some faults of your own to admit.

If you take this simple, but very powerful advice, you will not only impress the judge with your honesty, but your credibility will be immeasurably enhanced.

Most importantly, you’ll also be setting an excellent example for your children.

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