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Kitchen Table Divorce - Chapter 8 - Lawyer Up

The expression, “lawyer up” is commonly used in movies, and real life, to describe the process of hiring a lawyer.

Those who regularly read my blog, know that I am not an advocate for simply lawyering up at the drop of a hat, (mine, (a fedora),or anyone else’s).

However, there are definitely times and circumstances when it’s prudent to obtain the advice of an experienced lawyer.

We all know the often used expression to describe the value and marketability of real estate, namely “location, location, location”.

For your legal matters I believe the most apt expression is, “preparation, preparation, preparation”.

Of course, the timing of your preparation is also crucial.

While being served with documents by a complete stranger, or receiving demanding letters on legal letterhead, are sure signs of problems ahead, it’s more than likely that you have been aware of such problems long before.

That’s an excellent time to seek legal advice to help prepare for the inevitable. Sometimes a brief consultation with a lawyer is all you need to understand your legal situation, and possible diffuse the situation, before it escalates.

Notwithstanding, there are also those who adhere to the blind belief that if they simply ignore legal matters, that such matters will miraculously resolve themselves. I know for certain, they don’t.

I cannot recall the number of people, over the years, seeking my legal advice, only to be told that their hearing, or trial, is only a few days away. At such late date, absent an adjournment, which is never guaranteed, a lack of preparation can spell disaster.

It’s good to remember that other, often used expression, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”.

So, “lawyer up” wisely.

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