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Kitchen Table Divorce - Chapter 9 - Take Your Seat

Years ago, it became clear to me, that my family law clients were suffering emotional trauma from the stress and anxiety of separation and divorce.

While family law lawyers often pride themselves on having all the answers, this was a situation where my legal advice was not the answer.

At time like these, vulnerable clients are simply incapable of making rational and informed decisions, despite the potential life altering consequences.

There was something clearly missing,

My clients needed to find a place of healing, comfort and community.

A place where they could share their stories, without judgement and criticism. A place where they would feel less alone, and valued.

Similar to what I remember it was like sitting around my kitchen table growing up, hence the origin of the name, Kitchen Table Divorce.

But for those sharing stories and feelings, there needs to be someone present with the experience, and expertise, to carefully and respectfully, listen and guide.

Which is the reason I ensure that all Kitchen Table Divorce meetings, in addition to myself, include the participation of a professional counsellor.

It is amazing to me, despite the diversity of stories and backgrounds, that everyone is essentially searching for the same thing, to feel loved.

Whether you are thinking of separation or divorce, are in the middle, or it’s a distant and unforgettable emotional nightmare, you are welcome to attend.

There’s a chair with your name on it.

Time to take it.

Call me for your next seat Scott Taylor 604.534.6361

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