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Kitchen Table Divorce – Legal Prescription – Self Care – Chapter 4

Just came across an article written by somebody who received a gloomy cancer diagnosis. She made the point that her specialist and GP were excited to meet with her because of the rarity, and seriousness, of her diagnosis. Thankfully she survives to this day, with life changing priorities.

However, in a strange way, it reminded me of the challenging conversations I sometimes have with people facing daunting legal battles, which appear at times virtually hopeless.

With a new year upon us, I thought it timely to share my thoughts with those of you in similar circumstances, feeling desperate and lost.

I have always been a fervent advocate of emotional support, and self-care, for anyone experiencing the trauma of separation or divorce. After all, in order to properly and effectively instruct your counsel you need to do so from a place of confidence and strength, not despair and hopelessness. While talking with friends and family can provide some comfort and reassurance, it is never impartial or independent, which is why I urge professional counselling whenever possible. Surprisingly, many people are unaware that counselling is often included in their employment benefits package. Accordingly, before scheduling any professional appointments, contact your employer to find out whether professional counselling is covered, and if so, what, if any conditions are necessary for coverage. For example some plans place limits on the number of sessions, or require minimum qualifications for counselors, i.e. Registered Psychologist

Also, if you have children, I strongly recommend that your children also receive professional counselling. In my experience, despite otherwise seemingly normal outward appearances, children are like “sponges” and often deeply impacted by the strife and tension between their parents. Sadly, I find children are often the most frequently overlooked when the topic of counselling is discussed with a parent. Remember your children.

So if you, or somebody you know, is facing separation or divorce in 2021, the best legal prescription I can offer, is not legal at all.

Make it your priority to take care of yourself, and especially your children.

Leave the rest to me, Scott Taylor 604.534.6361

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