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Parenting after Splitsville

How to Plan the Work and Work the Plan!

For most parents what happens following separation can prove to be a hugely costly, stressful, and frustrating challenge.

Especially, if parents don’t happen to share the same views regarding on-going parenting arrangements and you can find many such parents throughout our family law system.

And inevitably, the ones who suffer most are the children.

However, interestingly, as a long time family lawyer I often find that p things can often “morph” into bitter, hotly contested disputes, because of a simple misunderstanding, or lack of basic information.

Perhaps this reaction shouldn’t be surprising considering the emotional context and the often difficult, or absent, communication between separated parents.

That’s one of the main reasons, as reflected in this blog and my meet-up kitchen table divorce support group, that I am a dedicated advocate for improving the state and nature of contact and communication between separated parents.

And that`s why I`m a firm believer and supporter of any tools which can facilitate constructive dialogue between parents, such as the parental planner (

It`s a practical planner which can be used by both parents to not only record basic child related information, ( ie doctors, teachers etc) but to plan, by way of a calendar, future activities, events, and special occasions, and identify areas which need further discussion. It also enables parents to record expenses incurred on behalf of a child, an often disputed issue.

Of course what this, or any other planner, really needs to work effectively, are two committed parents, not two parents who should be committed!

Let me know how this works for you and your ex.

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