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Tiger By The Tale!

I thought I heard somewhere that Elin has apparently told Tiger that he can see his kids, but not in the presence of any of his girlfriends. Sound familiar?

Say, for example, you’ve met someone “special” following your own separation. Your spouse agrees to let you see the kids, but under one condition. Under no circumstances, are you to have that special someone meet the kids. And if you don’t comply, no access for you!

So, just what are your legal rights?

Right off the bat, (or club), you and your spouse can simply agree that access will not happen if the other “special” person is around. You could even agree (although I would certainly not recommend it without good reason – see below), to have such term reflected, in a court Order, or Separation Agreement. It then becomes a legally binding obligation.

Remember, if such a term is agreed, either in a court Order, or Agreement, it can only be changed in the future, with either your spouse’s consent, or court Order, (which requires amending the Agreement, or court Order, with all of the related hassle, and cost).

And what happens if you don’t agree to such a ban?

In my lengthy family law experience a court will not typically impose a ban on a parent introducing the children to a new partner. But there are exceptions. Certainly, if this person has a past history of abusing children, or a criminal history, which could potentially expose a child to some kind of risk, a court will use its discretion in favor of the best interests of the children.

However, there is another simple inexpensive option which has, the potential at least, of preventing such battles in the first place. What is it? Invite your former spouse to meet your new partner, in a casual, relaxed (but no alcohol), non-confrontational setting. For example, something like a neighborly barbecue would be ideal.

Hopefully, your former spouse will discover, to their surprise that your partner isn’t that evil after all. Better yet, they will both have something else in common to roast, you!

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