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Are you in need of someone to listen to your issues and piece together solutions for you?
My believe is that effective listening is the first step to providing clients with the end result they want to achieve. Your best interest dictates my advice and suggestions – not vice versa.

I understand and make use of the fine balance between helping parties reach settlement and going to court at an impasse. With experience in administrative tribunals, provincial and supreme court, and alternative resolution platforms, I can assist you in finding the right forum for your

I also strive to perform the analyzing and organizing for you so that you can make informative decisions on how to handle your problems.

While struggling with legal issues may not be simple, I want to make understanding the law and your legal options simple for you. Meaning, even if I can’t control what has happened, I endeavour to help you react to it and move on.
If this is what you need, contact me.